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      The data source that can be used to gather the information on the current scenario are; household and community, patient, facility and District. The household and family data source provides the understanding of the population burden of the disease and the risk, it also help in monitoring and evaluation of the CBOs working on the cases and it encompasses the necessary tools such as household surveys, census, civil registration and demographic surveillance. The patient data uses patient charts reflect patients care. Facility data source covers facility management audits, planning and drug procurement which is got from facility logbooks. The district data source helps in capturing the indicator for the district and national reporting and planning.

      I can start with user level database because it will help in goal setting and outcome evaluation then use facility or program level database which can help in aggregating data and improve service delivery and quality assurance. Then population data level because it assist policymakers to plan and implement health and rehabilitation services

      I will use RE -AIM; Reach it focuses on ensuring adequate representation of the population at large in the sample group on which the intervention is being implemented. Effectiveness, this focuses on whether the intervention was successful at achieving what it sought out to achieve. Adoption focuses on whether an intervention is feasible enough to be taken up at the organization, clinical or community level. Implementation component focus on whether an intervention was delivered with the same consistency as intended, it also take in to consideration the cost and time needed for the intervention as well as the adaptations made to interventions and implementation strategies. Maintenance assesses the intervention at both the system level as well as the individual level.

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