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      Share in the class discussion board what you have learned about rehabilitation and health care coverage.

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      1. Strengthening the health system as a whole, making rehabilitation part of healthcare at all levels of the health system
      2. Building capacity to provide services and assistive technology
      3. Including rehabilitation as part of universal health coverage

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      1. Recent statistics on people in need of rehabilitation. For example: Not all people who need rehabilitation services can get help. More people are living in need of rehabilitation than I ever imagined. Surprisingly, these numbers are still increasing.
      2. Key initiative calls for Rehabilitation 2030, WHO. I recognized what we need to focus on in the coming years from the source.

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      I have learned that rehabilitation needs are increasing over the years and are unmet in most of the countries especially in low and middle income countries. Nevertheless, initiatives have been taking place to respond to those needs and over the last years and efforts are still being made. What is also important is to know that rehabilitation care is as essential in the universal health coverage as promotive, preventive, curative and palliative care

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      What I have learned about rehabilitation and health care coverage.

      Rehabilitation is a combination of interventions and helps persons with a health condition to recover function or to remain functional, and prevent disability. It should be available for all the population, not only persons with disability or long-term impairments. Rehabilitations is an important component of UHC, including prevention, promotion, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. Rehab should be available at all level of health care, and services should be timely, of high-quality and affordable. Rehabilitation services can be provided at different settings, like health facilities, at home and the community according to the context and the health structure. Every person should receive an individualizes plan of rehabilitation according to their needs and personal preferences.
      rehabilitation helps persons to manage their condition, prevent subsequent health conditions, and remain productive.

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      Rehabilitation is an essential part of universal health coverage and is a key strategy for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3 – “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”.

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      that rehabilitation is a team work,many expert of different specialities are involved and many people in the world are in need of this services, rehabilatation need to be covered to all people an its necessary to bring quality of life to human who is affected ,in coming years
      that with world health organisation and government we need to put effort for coming years to put it universal and cover all community

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      I have learnt that only 10% can access rehabilitation services and therefore since rehabilitation is a very essential it should be fully integrated in all national health care systems to increase access to these services. Multidisciplinary team approach is very important if we are to achieve meaningful results during rehabilitation since there many players involved.

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      Everyone at some point in life will need rehabilitation, how ever, there is 2.4m people with unmet need for rehabilitation. In my country most people who reside in the rural areas need rehabilitation , yet these services are not easily accessible to them. We need to rethink on issues of rehabilitation accessibility.

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      Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach that involves a team of healthcare professionals, such as physicians, therapists, nurses, and social workers. The goal of rehabilitation is to help individuals to achieve their maximum level of independence and functionality. Rehabilitation can take many forms, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and psychological counseling. Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, rehabilitation may be provided in various settings, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, or even at home.

      Health care coverage is essential for ensuring access to rehabilitation services thus Rehabilitation is an essential part of universal health coverage

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      Zaynab Khalfan

      Rehab service is an integral components in health care system,to increase productivity and improve life of people rehabilitation services should be considered as core components in expand the health care services especially in rural areas that show there is significant inequities in access service based on geographical, social economic status and disability type.
      There is growing need of integrating rehab service in primary healthcare setting so as to improve access and ensure early intervention for people with disabilities or those recovering from injury

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      1) In the top of the reality that rehabilitation service is very limited for people in need globally, low resource countries face a lot more challenges in getting rehabilitation’s service.
      2) The world now working on looking for initiating rehabilitation service, thus rehabilitation service should be under UHC.
      3) WHO Rehabilitation 2030 is one of the key framework document for each country considering and using for rehabilitation policy and service in health system.

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      Hoang Thuy Dung

      1. Despite the global need for rehabilitation services being significant, access to these services is severely limited, especially in low-resource countries where the challenges are even greater.

      2. There is a global effort to initiate and expand rehabilitation services, emphasizing that these services should be included under Universal Health Coverage.
      3. A multidisciplinary team approach is crucial for achieving meaningful results in rehabilitation.

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