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      Oda Msuha

      I observed that all models are used in the our society depending on the group of people place and time. people in our society tend to go to hospital and to the herbalist and spiritual healers as well. this also is due to lack of knowledge on disability cause. thus awareness and proper information on conditions that cause disability is needed which will help to reduce discrimination and promote inclusivity

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      [email protected]

      In Uganda, all the three models are employed in different settings and amongst various groups of people. The moral Model is engulfed in the medical and social model, in a way that, people relocate, migrate, and change location thus changing beliefs and thinking. Most people think according to where they reside thus adaptation.

      All in all, through vigorous sensitization and education of the masses ,attitude and stigma towards PLWDs can be reduced. Disability issues will cease from seeking help from native witch doctors but real hospitals with the attention of a well trained medical Doctor.

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