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      Share in the class discussion board some of your observations and reflections.

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      There is a huge need on raise awareness on the different models of disability, their causes, responses and meanings. The disability model most predominant in the country will determine the type of responses from authorities and the general population, the actions and strategies to be implemented in terms of rehabilitation services and AT available for persons who needed, the scope of policies and laws, etc. Awareness should be an important component of any effort to strengthen rehab and AT in a country.

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      I fully agreed with you. Awareness is essential component. Mongolian National Rehabilitation Strategic Plan includes areas of action such as 4.2.
      Using multiple public media channels develop campaigns to educate the community about international standard, evidence-based rehabilitation 4.3.Promote international standard, evidence-based rehabilitation services to ministries, province and district administrations, and to hospital administrators.

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      Tshering Penjor

      I second the concept of creating awareness about the models of disability. Over the time it has improved a lot in viewing the disabilities through many angles Thus bringing new changes and opportunities to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities.

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      My reflections on these models highlight the need for a multifaceted approach that embraces both individual and social perspectives. Recognizing the strengths and limitations of each model allows for a more nuanced understanding of disability, leading to more inclusive and just societal practices. We must continue to actively challenge the dominant narratives surrounding disability. This involves advocating for accessible environments, policies that promote inclusion, and a shift in societal attitudes towards acceptance and respect. Ultimately, a true understanding of disability requires embracing diversity, recognizing the inherent value of all individuals, and working towards a world where differences are celebrated and everyone can thrive.

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      There is a huge need on raise awareness on the different models of disability, their causes, responses and meanings. Let the world learn to celebrate different kids of people without attaching any form of discrimination or stigma.

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      Albert Erongu

      Awareness creation on the causes, management, service access points, and prevention of different disability conditions is required across all settings. this will promote early access to care and improvement in functional limitations.

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      I see that most of us facing similar issues in ensuring and providing rehabilitation service. I agree that rehabilitation should be under health system for many good reasons, including, continuum of care, better referral btw a hospital/health setting’s departments/units, may be less cost because they may not need to travel along way to rehabilitation service that is available at regional centers. To be sustainable, rehabilitation service should be provided by realization of each nation’s socio-economic competence. However, government seems believe that cost supporting rehabilitation service is waste of national money, that leads to limited allocation of budget. Therefore, while many experts believe that rehabilitation is a government investment with a “plus” return, there have to evidence based support for convening decision and policy makers.

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      Hoang Thuy Dung

      In Vietnam, the medical model of disability predominantly views disability as an individual problem caused by disease or injury, focusing on diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. This approach often overlooks societal and environmental barriers, limiting access to inclusive education, employment, and public services.

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