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      In Uganda, as l was growing up, the most predominant model have been seeing, in the moral and medical model. The social model is just taking shape due to recent increase in interest in rehabilitation and disability.
      Different region in Uganda used to and still practice different model. Where l come from when you have or give birth to disabled child, people think you are cursed, have bad luck or is a generational thing in that clan. From the medical view, they try to look at what caused the disability and try to fix it and the social model aspect, the people isolate you and feel you can not contribute any positive thing to the community.
      Moral model is not associating with the family that has disability
      Medical model is trying to get the means of fixing the cause of disability
      Social model is exclusion of disabled person from community activities.

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      As an advocate for equality and promoter of social functioning, we have a role to play in changing the social model from exclusiveness to Inclusion.

      The mindset and cultural aspects associated with disability is far wayward for this generation, However, creating awareness and vigorously sensitizing communities on such health matters will promote Inclusion and equality for all.

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