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      In Uganda, the health landscape shows significant challenges and areas needing attention:

      Chronic Health Conditions:

      Approximately 25% of Ugandans die from non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which include conditions such as hypertension, cancer, and diabetes. Nearly a quarter of the adult population has raised blood pressure, and over 75% of these individuals are unaware of their condition and not on medication​ (World Health Organization (WHO))​​ (World Health Organization (WHO))​.

      While specific numbers on the total population living with disabilities in Uganda were not found, it is known that chronic health conditions often contribute to disability. Efforts are underway to improve diagnosis and care for NCDs, which can help reduce disability related to these diseases​ (WHO | Regional Office for Africa)​​ (New Vision)​.
      Road Safety Injuries:

      Road traffic accidents are a significant public health concern in Uganda. While specific incidence rates were not found in the data reviewed, Uganda has been involved in initiatives to improve road safety through legislative and regulatory measures​ (World Health Organization (WHO))​.

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