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      To a larger extent leaders are indeed born as the Trait theory expresses, it is very easy for a person who is born a leader to play their roles because of the Characteristics they bear. Such characteristics are inborn, for example, they are able to adapt to any given environment, the experience of leadership start an an early age when they are children, they become responsible of their family members, this leadership is therefore transformed at school where they take on roles like class leaders, school prefects and this calls for assertiveness and by the time this child grows they are ambitious in a way. Such leadership is effective and efficient. As a matter of fact, these leaders normally practice team style which calls for balance of high production, positive and collaborative work.

      However, trained leaders as behavioral theory explains, they follow a different path to leadership un like born leaders who may not exhibit early indications of leadership qualities. They are likely tom face challenges and various experiences but with dedicated efforts to acquire skills overtime and this calls for more and regular trainings since the behavioral theory is based on the same.

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