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      Leadership behavior can indeed be taught, although innate qualities can give some individuals a natural advantage in leadership roles. Effective leadership skills such as communication, strategic thinking, empathy, and decision-making can be developed through education, training, and experience.


      Development Through Learning: Leadership involves a set of skills that can be learned and honed. Training programs, mentorship, and practical experience can significantly enhance an individual’s ability to lead effectively.

      Adaptability: Leadership styles and requirements can vary greatly across different contexts and cultures. Learning about these nuances is crucial and comes through education and exposure rather than innate ability.
      Example of a Born Leader
      Nelson Mandela: He demonstrated natural leadership qualities from a young age, showing resilience, vision, and the ability to inspire others. His innate charisma and commitment to justice helped him lead the fight against apartheid and unify South Africa.

      By Mohamad Dahhan

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