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      Noncommunicable diseases, kill 41 million people each year, equivalent to 74% of all deaths globally. Each year, 17 million people die from a NCD before age 70; 86% of these premature deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. Of all NCD deaths, 77% are in low- and middle-income countries. Of the 97,600 deaths in Uganda in 2016, NCDs accounted for 1 in 3. The estimated risk of mortality from NCDs was 22%, primarily due to cardiovascular disease and cancer, along with underlying risk factors of hypertension, tobacco use, and alcohol.

      common chronic disease in Uganda include; heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, depression, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

      The Uganda Bureau of Statistics Census Report (UBOS 2016) indicated that 12.4% of the Ugandan population lives with some form of disability implying that approximately 4.5 million Ugandans are persons with disability.

      According to the Annual Crime Report 2022, the country registered 20,394 cases of road accidents in 2022 compared to 17,443 registered the previous year. Out of every 100 crashes, 22 people died while 61 percent of all accidents were as a result of reckless driving.

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