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      Globaly there is unmet need of rehabilitation service; with around 2.4 billion people who are in dire need of rehabilitation services. the problem is more common in low income countries and it will increase by 2050 dueto the increment in life expectency.
      WHO plan to expaned rehabilitation service and it is included in the SDG.

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      Mongolia is country twice size of France, but with a population of only 3,3 million people-of whom half are dispersed over 21 provinces, and half in Ulaanbataatar(capital city). Hospitals do not yet offer ortheses in acute or sub-acute treatment and such assistive technology. Of course the problem is more common in low income countries6 .But times are changing. Organizations of persons with disabilities are calling for access to modern assistive products and timely service provision. Having completed the WHO assistive technology surveys in recent years, the needs are well-recognized.

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      in tanzania we are 63 mil,you can see how much rehabiltation services is needed with the support of WHO,government and other stake holders
      with thsi collaotavie effort of knowledge training leadership we can involve to overcome and help the community

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      Uganda with a population of over 45 million people and it being a developing country the National health care system as not fully addressed the issue of physical rehabilitation despite other challenges the government as invested in rehabilitation human resource with most of the rehabilitation professions recruited in the main stream health system. We have rehabilitation professionals employed at the National referral to the regional referral hospitals and below the region there no rehabilitation services the biggest changes those employed face is the lack of direct budget allocation for these services. Today In Uganda rehabilitation services and ATs is main provided by PNFP and NGOs. As a country with the help of Re-LAB HS we are in the final stages of development of the National Health care plan for rehabilitation and Assistive technology which will enable us to have rehabilitation services fully adopted in the primary health care package. This will address the main pressing challenges of.
      Policy on rehabilitation and AT services Human resource development and regulation
      Budget allocation for Rehabilitation services and AT

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