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      Zaynab Khalfan

      In Tanzania the model of disability vary between rural and urban areas due to differences in access to resources, infrastructure, and social attitudes. In rural areas, people with disabilities may face greater challenges due to limited access to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. They may also experience higher levels of stigma and discrimination, as traditional beliefs about disability can be more prevalent in rural communities.

      In contrast, urban areas in Tanzania may offer better access to services and facilities for people with disabilities, such as specialized healthcare centers, schools with inclusive education programs, and job training opportunities. Urban areas may also have a more diverse population, leading to greater acceptance and integration of people with disabilities into society.

      Overall, the model of disability in Tanzania is influenced by a combination of cultural beliefs, socioeconomic factors, and government policies. Efforts are being made to promote inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities across both rural and urban areas through initiatives such as the National Policy on Disability and the National Strategy on Disability.

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