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      Margareth Chuwa

      The moral model indicate that disability is due to moral sin hence the need to overcome it. Even in Tanzanian societies today, although the majority do not support this notion there are some societies especially in the rural areas where such beliefs are still prevailed. For instance, if a child is born with a disability, then people may think that this happened because the parent or parents sinned, and they may seek help from traditional healers or religious leaders and seek to perform appropriate penance.
      The medical model views disability as a personal tragedy or a personal malfunction which needs to be corrected or controlled through clinical processes. This model is well illustrated in Tanzania where healthcare plays a central role in diagnosin, treating and rehabilitating those with disabilities. Hospitals and clinics place much value in treatment processes and therapy as well.
      Whenever I come across a person with a disability, I look back and think what kind of upbringing I had, and I conclude that I was mostly brought up with a blend of medical and social models disabilities. While people with disabilities were mainly attending to by doctors, and there was also the growing trend to focus on making changes on the social model and make communities more accommodating.

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      Ibrahim Mohammed

      The moral model of rehabilitation focuses on the philosophical dimension where disability is considered a result of individual sin or crime committed; it emphasizes repairing the harm done to victims or people and taking responsibility for their actions. This modal encourages the culture of doing good deeds, forgiveness, and redemption. Generally, it emphasizes reflecting actions and address the root cause of bad deed or criminal behavior, thereby promote desired moral and positive social change.
      Reflecting our country, Tanzania, this ideology still exist in many of our people especially in rural area

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