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      we have many NGOs for rehabilitation in Tanzania like care and hope foundation in mbeya ,CCBRTin dar es salam,MOTO in moshi
      1.all of them does community outreach to meet people in need of the services
      2.medical and rehabilitation need
      3.finding financial support for the need ones
      4.give visuals and hearing gadgets

      most of the NGOs faces some challenges
      1.Financial challanges to get helping the community
      2.reaching all people in country side
      3.traditional and beliefs as some of those in need being hiden in the community

      yes tanzania foloow THe WHO guide but the issue of financial constraints,few skilled personel in rehabilitaion poses some challenges

      the experience to someone in need of health care/rehabilitaion
      1.they face financial constarints
      2.being discriminated by the community
      3.socialy segragated need support
      4.centers for support are abit far from where theya are
      5.few or no assitive techonlogy tools
      so those issue bare dificulties in healt services/rehabilitation

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