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      Margareth Chuwa

      For data on the current rehabilitation needs in Tanzania and the status of the health system, particular emphasis needs to be made on certain databases the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Health Observatory (GHO), the World Bank’s World Development Indicators (WDI), and Ministry of Health in Tanzania. There is useful data in the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program. Additional qualitative information can be obtained from the interviews, questionnaire and reports from such agencies and research institutions as NGOs.
      When assessing the current interventions already in practice, the RE-AIM framework is most suitable. Reach is the target population involvement, Effectiveness refers to the impact on outcomes, Adoption to the extent that settings are using the solution, and Implementation to the extent to which the study was implemented as planned, and Maintenance refers to sustainability. This framework provides the best assessment, for guiding changes and even the growing of this approach, based on research.
      In designing a new rehabilitation intervention, we will focus on the key aspects of the RE-AIM framework: These are Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance of Information Systems. We will make certain the reach of the intervention; obtain significant improvements in health outcomes of the target population, implementation of the intervention by care providers, and stable long-term application of the intervention. Evaluation of success will be measured by the number of participants, health chances, facilities’ use of the intervention, implementation, and how it will be integrated into health systems for the long term. Monitoring and evaluation will entail: data collection that is adequate to provide valid information, initial and repeated training for the providers, and periodic review of progress, external evaluation, and ongoing discussion with stakeholders in order to fine tune the intervention in the light of experience and feedback.

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