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      What NGOs are working in your country or district to meet the rehabilitation needs of the population?
      Listing few INGOs and NGOs in Nepal
      – Handicap International/ Humanity and Inclusion is implementing USIAD’S Physical Rehabilitation Activity to improve the access, quality and sustainability of rehabilitation services.
      – Hellen Keller International is implemeting USAID’s , UNOPS “Assessment, Advocacy, and Collaborative Planning for improved Access to Assistive Technology”.
      – WHO UNPRPD fund “Disability inclusive development in Nepal”.
      – We have 6 Physical Rehabilitation centers in 6 provinces of Nepal operated by NGO’s or Private organization to provide rehabilitation services including assistive technology.
      – Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center operated by Spinal Injury Sangha Nepal
      – Hospital and Rehabilitation center for children with disability

      Is your country using the WHO Guide to Action?
      – Yes Since 2017

      You may be someone or know someone, or indeed many people, with a chronic disease or disability. What has been their experience in getting health care, rehabilitation, or assistive technology?
      -A four years from western part of Nepal. Health Condition: “Burn injury” at the age of 3 while playing near the chimney of brick factory, resulting in the loss of limb bilaterally – Left Below Knee and Right Partial Foot.
      Surgically managed it at Burn Center.
      Through MOHP’s conditional grant, rehabilitation and prosthetic limbs were provided through public private partnership with NGO called Nepal National Social Welfare Association (NNSWA). 
      Impact: Her functioning and access to education

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