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      In Ethiopia, including the Oromia region, health care coverage and the availability of rehabilitation services can vary significantly. Generally, the country’s health care system is developing, and access to comprehensive rehabilitation services might be limited compared to more developed regions. However, Ethiopia has made efforts to improve health care services, including rehabilitation, through government programs and international partnerships. Here’s an overview of rehabilitation services in Ethiopia and specifically in the Oromia region:
      Ethiopia’s Health Care System
      1. Public Health System:
      Ethiopia’s health care system is primarily public, with services provided through a network of health centers, hospitals, and community health posts. The Ethiopian Ministry of Health oversees the provision of health services, including rehabilitation.
      2. Basic Rehabilitation Services:
      Rehabilitation services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are available but not uniformly accessible across the country. Major hospitals in urban areas like Addis Ababa are more likely to offer these services compared to rural areas.
      3. Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR):
      The Ethiopian government, in collaboration with NGOs and international organizations, promotes Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programs. CBR aims to provide rehabilitation services within communities, focusing on physical therapy and support for people with disabilities.

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