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      1. To contribute to emancipation of African and world wide Deaf community by actively participating in programs that contribute to the empowerment of Deaf persons world wide

      According to this shared vision, this organization must have reached out to must Deaf people by putting up strategies to reach to the grass root and also must have scaled up different interventions for example Deaf awareness campaigns to ensure that Deaf people are empowered in various capacities.

      2. To have a healthy and productive population that contributes to socio-economic growth and national development
      This organization must have put in place strategies to make sure that prevention of diseases is emphasized through Health promotion , Education and communication to the public, for them to watch there way of living , encouraging them to adopt some habits to practice to avid for example Non-Communicable Diseases for them to keep active, productive and be able to be economically and socially empowered. With this statement, the health systems must have been strengthened by ensuring that there are Health workers in Health facilities and essential commodities are available and accessible for the public/patients.

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      Very simple examples of Mongolian health services
      Vision: Optimal decision- fast development
      Mision:The center will contribute to provide decision-makers with evidence and data for analysis in the development of policies, legal documents, standards and guidelines for the health sector, to organize the implementation of policies for the development of the quality of health workers and health care services, and to transplant cells, tissues and organs and implement relevant laws, regulations, orders, and decisions to regulate outpatient appointment services at the national level
      vision: To become a world-recognized, modern, elite, research university
      mission: To contribute to social development through the pursuit of scientific research and excellent graduate education.

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