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      Margareth Chuwa

      The first step needed to enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation processes is to make policymakers and leaders concerned with enhancing the health of persons with disabilities. Hence, this can be achieved by use of advocacy campaigns, workshops as well as seminars in order to illustrate a number of ways that involves economic, social as well as the humanitarian angle of any financial investment in rehabilitation services.

      Second, it is necessary to build partnerships at the level of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and international actors. These stakeholders can help fashion an aggressive policy and program agenda that establishes and integrates rehabilitation services into the broader healthcare environment. These include educating people in the health sector, particularly creating awareness of the need for a professional rehabilitation service, as well as setting up rehabilitation centers and making sure that such services are made available to people in need across the country.

      Additionally, the importance of ensuring corresponding funding and materials for the direct provision of rehabilitation services cannot be overemphasized. This calls for advocacy to ensure that rehabilitation takes precedence in the competent national budgets and that adequate funding sources are to be had. Another approach to increasing rehabilitation needs and showing the efficiency of the intervention methods is the research and presentation of case to cost underlining the necessity for investing in such services.

      Finally, people with disabilities and their families shall be engaged in decision-making to enhance the input, choice, and implementation of policies and programs that affect them. Involving the disability organisations and other associations working on disability issues can empower them to play an active role in the promotion of policies and increase political will.

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